Peaches and Bubbly

We are hanging onto the last moments of summer with this Peaches and Bubbly Cocktail:: Peaches and Bubbly ::

I am hanging onto every ounce and last minute of summer with this Peaches and Bubbly cocktail.  No I don’t want to, do I have to wake up early and rush around? I am craving a routine, but honestly I hate the beginning of the school year.  Adjusting is something I never do well with, so I am going to hide behind my crate of peaches and this pretty summer bottle of Chandon….

Peaches and Bubbly Cocktail [Read more...]

Simple Sangria Recipe

This Simple Sangria Recipe really is that simple.  Perfect for end of summer parties and great for Game Day!:: Simple Sangria Recipe ::

This Simple Sangria Recipe has a fun story.  In September I will be celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary! My hubby and I got married at a winery.  We both love and enjoy wine. I learned how to make this Simple Sangria Recipe after we had a tasting at the winery in which we wed.  They had a band playing on a warm Sunday afternoon and large vats of Sangria on hand for those customers tasting wine.  It was delicious and it seemed fairly easy to make from what the wine employees had said. {Mind you I wrote down what I thought went in this Sangria on a napkin}.  A little of this and a little of that and a bunch of fruit that sits over night.  The perfect Sangria for Game Days when you are celebrating a good win with friends. [Read more...]

Peach and Blueberry Trifle

peach and blueberry trifle:: Peach and Blueberry Trifle ::

Summer fruit is truly my favorite! It’s hard to beat the taste of ripe peaches and sweet blueberries — nature’s candy! This simple dessert is a delicious way to incorporate seasonal fruit. The trifle comes together easily… in a few steps, and the result is not only delectable, but beautiful as well! The best part is that it isn’t a heavy dessert. Oh no! It quite the opposite — completely light and airy!

peach and blueberry trifle-10

Since I’m still getting settled in our new house, I’ve been creating dishes that are semi-homemade  {I still haven’t unpacked all of my kitchen boxes — must get on that}! A store bought angel food cake is perfectly acceptable for this recipe… unless of course you love making your own from scratch {kudos to you}!  [Read more...]

Energizing Smoothie Bowl

energizing smoothie bowl:: Energizing Smoothie Bowl ::

Hey friends! Let’s talk breakfast… I get stuck in a rut, all too often. How about you? I typically start my day with a protein shake. {Don’t get me wrong… I actually LOVE my morning shake, but sometimes I want a little change!} Since I have a moderate allergy to eggs, that eliminates the morning scramble.

Yesterday morning, Mr. Amazing and I switched it up by making this simple, yet delicious, Smoothie Bowl! It’s honestly the easiest and most versatile breakfast {or mid-day snack}! Just whip up your favorite smoothie… making it extra thick and creamy, and add a variety of your favorite healthy toppings!  [Read more...]

S’mores Malt

S'mores Malt:: S’mores Malt ::

Let’s squeeze a little more summer time fun in with this S’mores Malt! My kids are big fans of Ruby’s. Recently we had been walking around The Irvine Spectrum {one of our favorite places to go} when we were given a sample of their new S’mores Shake.  Mason begged to go to Ruby’s!  We tried the shake and I thought it was great, but Mason {my picky eater} said, “Let’s make these at home minus the coffee”… so, here is what we came up with {and by the way… I don’t think there was coffee in them in the first place}!

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Coconut Margarita

Coconut Margarita. Easy to make and it screams vacation!:: Coconut Margarita ::

You put the lime in the coconut and drink this Coconut Margarita all up! Oh my! Though we did a family vacation last month, I am simply dreaming of escaping to a tropical island for a week with my husband.  Sorry, but no kids and lots of Coconut Margaritas! {Love the kids but it’s been a long 9 days.} An ocean breeze, palm trees, and quiet….lots of quiet is what I think these margaritas would go perfect with.  But since that’s not happening anytime soon, I will happily drink a Coconut Margarita and pretend! [Read more...]