{weekend} lovelies

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Monday, April 22nd,  is Earth Day!

This weekend is a wonderful time to celebrate “Mother Earth!”

A great excuse to step outside and do something positive for the environment.

This weekend’s lovelies are an ode to the Earth and a bright and breezy spring.


  >>>>>> Simply Happenstance on Instagram <<<<<<


Sara and I love Instagram.

We have been enjoying the app for some time personally, but we thought it would

be wonderful to share with our readers our favorite finds in life!

A little mixture of people, places, and of course pictures of food!

Head on over to Instagram and follow our adventures!

Of course the week we headed back to school, it ended up being warm and sunny!

Sara was able to squeeze in a little beach time with her youngest kiddos, 

and I paid a wonderful visit to The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistano.

It is the perfect place to enjoy and spend Earth Day!

They have wonderful resources ranging from school programs,

to classes on sustainability gardening and recycling.

Here are some positive ways to celebrate and contribute towards the environment:


>>>>>> Plant Pals <<<<<<



>>>>>> Wall-E <<<<<<



>>>>>> Planting for Butterflies and Bees <<<<<<



>>>>>> 17 Ways To Be A Happier Parent <<<<<<


We do believe we all strive to be good parents,

but with long weeks such as this, our patience may not always be at its best.

Alphamom created a list of 17 ways in which we can be happier parents.


>>>>>> The Glitter Guide//Spring Denim <<<<<<


With the onset of warmer weather, aren’t you loving the beautiful pastels

that are in style right now?

It is not just the pastels that are hot, but basic denim mixed with bright colors and prints.


>>>>>> Some Cake, A Walk, & A Song <<<<<<


We love our cake and we eat some of it too { wink }………

that being said we love this cake recipe by Willow Bird Baking!

Yummy but after we make this, a walk will be needed.

The perfect song on a breezy day!

Have a beautiful weekend!




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