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:: Weekend Lovelies ::

I don’t know about you… but I’m about ready to skip Spring and move straight onto Summer! I’ve honestly had to pray each day this week that God would bless me with the simple ability to FOCUS! {I’ve sort of diagnosed myself with Adult ADD at this point because my brain seems scattered in all directions, running a million miles a minute!} Homeschooling my little ones hasn’t helped my self-diagnosed condition any.  {Ha!} Having the responsibility of teaching three different grade levels with a toddler running around, hasn’t been the easiest for me to juggle this year. Although the kids all are progressing and appear to be doing great with our homeschool journey… I’m feeling a bit checked out and ready for Summer to begin! Are any of you with me?! 

I do have a fun week ahead… a little time off from the school schedule, and as my role as mom {a role I completely love}. Husby and I are taking this next week to paddle board, snorkel, and explore one of the pretty Hawaiian Islands, while my mom stays with our four sweet ones! She will be taking over the role as primary nurturer, wound healer, snuggler, cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, and teacher this week while Husby and I soak up some much needed sunshine and focus on our marriage. I’ve struggled with the idea of leaving them… especially since the last nine months, I really haven’t been separated from them. However, I do know the importance of putting our marriage first {for a change}. We are really looking forward to our vacation and are so incredibly thankful that our kids will be in the safe and loving care of my mom! 

So, enough about me! {I will fill you in on my trip soon enough!} Here are our fun finds for this edition of Weekend Lovelies for you to enjoy!

  1. MUSIC // This beautifully talented singer… one of my dearest friends turned me onto her music earlier this week. I’m obsessed and have downloaded all of her songs since…
  2. DRINK // This Matcha Mint Iced Tea…. delish!
  3. KIDS // Nineteen things I love about you… must make this list for my littles. {Fabulous site!}
  4. DESIGN // Design Inspiration… this truly is glamorous!
  5. PHOTOS // Dreamy images of pretty things on this Tumblr blog…
  6. FASHION // Loving these everyday silky blouses
  7. INSTAGRAM FAVES // One of my favorite Instagram feeds… such an inspiration, and so many healthy meal ideas! Check out her progress shots!
  8. SPRING ACCENTS // Lovely bright accents for your home! Perfect for a fresh Spring look!
  9. FASHION // Great site for cute clothes! Scroll down and take a peek at the Editor’s Picks! 
  10. ACCESSORIES // This oversized tote! Perfect for summer — because you know, I’M READY! 

In case you were wondering, Nicole and I decided to take a little break from our Favorite Things Link-up. We may decide to add it back at some point, in which case we will let you know! Big hugs and many thanks to our thoughtful friends Jenny and Megan, for all of their steadfast support over the last few weeks with their link-ups! {We adore you two!} 

Have a fantastic weekend, friends! {xo}


  1. Jamie says

    Enjoy your vacation;) Sending prayers for rest, relaxation, and some fun under the sun my sweet friend.
    Prayers for your sweet momma and little ones too:) I know this will be a week full of blessings for all. Big hugs!

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