Mason Jar Succulents

Easy Do It Yourself Mason Jar Succulents. Perfect for end of the school year gifts for teachers.

:: Mason Jar Succulents ::

Raise your hand if you’ve entered your last few weeks of school? Let’s save you some time, money, and the need to figure out your end of the year gift with these easy and cute Mason Jar Succulents!  These little pots of love are inexpensive, simple to make, and best of all… they don’t require a green thumb to keep alive.  Better than flowers and chocolates, your teachers or friends will love this gift!

Easy mason jar succulents.

I don’t know about you, but the list gets longer by the day filled with upcoming June birthdays and thank you gifts.  I planted the above potted succulents a couple years ago.  They started off as a small arrangement.  I have cut and replanted some of these succulents over time into pots in both my yard and house. When thinking about ways in which to thank and gift the special people on my to-give list, I figured why not create a cute succulent gift? Using inexpensive mason jars, mod podge, and succulents, this gift is a cinch.

Easy mason jar succulents.

I love the milk glass look that can be created with Mason Jars.  One of my favorites was created by Live Laugh Rowe, but with life on a time crunch, and the list getting longer by the day, I decided to try this mod podge sheer paint version.

Easy mason jar succulents. Perfect last minute gifts.

It’s really as simple as you see.  Lay out some old newspaper.  Squirt in the desired amount of mod podge. This is a sheer, fast drying paint color.  The mod podge paint will be used to paint the whole inside of the jar. Once the paint is at the bottom of the Mason jar, pick up the jar and slowly start swirling the paint around the inside of the jar.

Easy mason jar succulents.

Continue to swirl it in a circular motion until the jar is completely covered from the bottom to the top with the mod podge. Once it is covered, place the mason jar upside down on a piece of newspaper. 

Easy mason jar succulents.

Let this sit for approximately one hour outside.  Next, remove from the newspaper, and switch the jar to sit upside down on a paper plate. Let the jar rest for 3 hours, then turn it right side up and set it outside to dry over night.  Once dried, fill the jar 3/4 full with cactus/succulent soil.  Add in a couple of small succulents and a few pieces of moss or decorative rocks. You’ll have yourself a couple of cute and creative Mason Jar Succulents… ready to be gifted at a moments notice!  Enjoy!  Let us know what colors you choose to do!

Easy mason jar succulents. Do it yourself.

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  1. says

    Super cute. I’ve never painted on the inside, is it holding up with the dirt and water? Lovely color choice and succulents are so much fun.

    p.s. Thanks for mentioning my jars :)


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