D.I.Y. Wine Hostess Gift

DIY Wine Hostess Gift

:: D.I.Y. Wine Hostess Gift ::

Do you have 12 holiday parties to go to and not a gift insight?  This easy D.I.Y. Wine Hostess Gift is a great way to present wine at the next party you attend.  Whether it be for Christmas or New Year’s, these two D.I.Y. ideas are a great way to use simple items to present that bottle wine you need to bring to your next event. 

I love wine. Shane and I enjoyed our 10-year anniversary in Napa and Sonoma, so for us wine is a wonderful gift to both give and receive. I love to drink red or white as I like them both. I tend to sway more towards a Sauvignon Blanc or a lovely Bubbly as my choice for white, and as for Red I do enjoy the affordable yet sensational Layer Cake.  Their Malbec is bold and earthy, while their Cabernet is spicy and fruity.  Layer Cake pairs well with holiday meals.

DIY Wine Hostess Gift 2 

So you have your wine, now what? How to present it like as a gift is your next step. Here are two simple D.I.Y. ideas to present wine to the hostesses in your life. The first option is made entirely from left over yarn scraps that seem to pile up from scarf projects of past.

DIY Wine Hostess Gift 3

Yes before you judge me as a knitting wine drinker, this first part of the hostess gift seems quite logical.  A wine bottle has a neck, and it is long and graceful right?! Well why not make it a little wine scarf with a simple stockinette stitch.  I created this little wine scarf using 6 mm knitting needles with a cast on of 16.  I knitted based on inches needed to cover the neck of most of the wine bottle {as every bottle is different}. When finished it creates a small patch square. I then stitched the two sides together to make a long a cowl neck scarf.

DIY Wine Hostess Gift 6

Now that the neck is warm, I could not let the body of the wine bottle to be naked.  I came across this lovely company called River and Bridge when I received a small stationary surprise in the mail from my friend Candace.  This delightful box of stationary, called a monthly Bridge Box was full of wonderful hand made paper product. I loved my gift so much, that I contacted the owner of River and Bridge, Heather to have her create some Wine labels that I could stick to the back of a wine bottle under the name and vintage of the wine as part of my Christmas gift presentation.  Heather came up with the perfect quote.  Not too seasonal but another great way to present a bottle of wine.

DIY Wine Hostess Gift 5

Not enough time to whip up a scarf, then how about a seasonal dishtowel that pairs as both gift and a pretty presentation for the hostess that has it all.  Everyone can use a new dishtowel.  All you need is dish towel, pretty ribbon from the dollar bin at Target.  I added a sprig from my Christmas tree scraps and a wine label.

DIY Wine Hostess Gift 7

A few quick steps of wrapping the bottle with the dishtowel, and tying it off with some decorative ribbon, and a little Christmas cheer…and there you have yourself a simple yet resourceful D.I.Y. Wine Hostess Gift.

DIY Wine Hostess Gift 8

The next time you are in a pinch and want to present your next bottle of wine as a gift rather than an after thought, consider these two simple D.I.Y. Wine Hostess Gifts for your next holiday event. 

DIY Wine Hostess Gift 9

I know I will be presenting a couple of these lovely bottles of wine between now and New Year’s.  Best wishes and enjoy a glass of wine or two during this holiday season. 

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    Wine is one of my go-to gifts, and I always struggle to decide how to package it when I’m not in the mood to go buy a specific box or bag. These are adorable.

    • says

      Thanks Shaina it is one of mine too! I had to get creative as I was tired of not packaging or just sending it in a bag that was so so! Glad you like it. Gave me an excuse to pick up some knitting needles and find a great towel I would like.

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