happy alarm clock
saying please!
saying thank you
brushing hair
small child getting dressed
come when you are called
kid draws a picture
reading a book
doing what you are told
putting toys in box
hanging up coat
finish homework
shoes put away
hand throwing trash away
SH! Be quiet!
kids sharing
eating fruits & veggies
brushing teeth
sitting on the pot
washing hands
put laundry away
mom kisses child going to bed
be nice to animals
pet feeding

water for pets

feeding the birds
table set nicely
taking dish from table
washing dish
putting dishes away
cleaning up mess
clean floor
cleaning Mirrors
taking out trash
Folding laundry
putting away laundry
watering plants
kid mowing lawn

don't yell - talk instead!

putting on seat belt
holding hands

shoe tied

making the bed

child sleeping soundly

happy face with halo
wait patiently

bonus point

There's Room for MORE!

Let me know if you think of another picture needed.  As I can, I'll put them up here.

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